Betting Baseball Online - Types of Baseball Bets

Baseball is the second most popular sport in the United States, and an international favorite as well, with both the MLB and college baseball captivating a loyal fan base. A those few USA online sports betting sites where you can legally wager as an American citizen, there are several choices you can make regarding the type of bet you want to place. You are probably familiar with the baseball money line, run line and over/under totals, but there are some other intricate bets which often times deliver very attractive odds. Let's take a look at the types of baseball bets you can make, with a few examples offered for clarity.

5 Best USA baseball Betting Sites

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Online Baseball Money Lines, Run Lines and Totals

These are the most common bets USA online sports betting sites offer. If you see a line that says ...

  • Tampa Bay Rays +170
  • New York Yankees -180

... it means that if you bet $100 on the Rays and they win, you will profit by $170. If you favor the Yankees, you need to bet $180 for a chance at profiting by $100 if that team wins. Pretty straightforward. Run lines are the baseball equivalent of the NFL point spread. In the above example, the Yankees would most likely be a -1.5 run line favorite. That means that after the game is over, you add 1.5 runs to the offensive production of the Rays to see which team wins the bet. Totals bets, also referred to as over/unders, allow you to bet on the total runs scored by both teams. You do not have to choose a winner. If the Rays - Yankees over/under is set at 5, a winning bet on the under would be any total runs scored by both teams less than 5, with a winning over bet on the total needing more than a combined 5 runs of production.

Propositions Wagering on Baseball

Better known as "prop" bets, these real money sports wagers allow you to bet on options other than simply picking one team in an MLB or NCAA baseball game. Have you noticed that a particular player for the Atlanta Braves hits more home-runs after the All-Star break than before? There is probably a prop bet offering odds on that outcome. And with the legally certified US friendly Internet sportsbooks we provide access to here on our site, you can even contact customer support and suggest your own betting proposition.

An increasingly popular prop bet in baseball is the R + H + E wager. This is basically an over/under bet on a number which includes all of the runs, hits and errors compiled by both teams in a single game. Baseball prop bets include individual wagers on strikeouts, home-runs, runs batted in, runs and stolen bases, and team totals such as season wins, batting average, runs scored and a ton of other options. Let's look at the long-term prop bet known as a futures wager.

Betting Baseball Futures (A Long-Term Prop Bet) For Attractive Odds

Most legitimate sports betting sites accepting US players offer futures bets. This is exactly what it sounds like. You are offered action on the odds that any major league baseball team will win its division, its pennant or the World Series in the future. There are also futures bets available on individual players, such as betting on the number of home runs a particular baseball player will hit. Entering 2014, an incredible 11 teams went from worst to first in just the previous 24 years, delivering on 100 to 1 or better odds. Betting on a team that finished last in their conference one year to win the World Series the next year takes guts, but a simple $100 wager can return $10,000 or more when you nail your bet.

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