Betting Basketball Online in the USA

Betting basketball online can include WNBA and Olympics action, as well as placing wagers on international basketball leagues. But predominantly, basketball betting for US gamblers means betting on National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) contests. Legitimately licensed US sports betting websites which support real money gambling provide the USA basketball bettor with several options.

Top 5 USA Basketball Betting Sites

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Bovada Sportsbook 50% Max $250 5 Star Rating Visit Site
Betonline Sportsbook 25% Max $1000 - On All Reloads 5 Star Rating Visit Site 25% Max $1000 - On All Reloads 5 Star Rating Visit Site
Wagerweb 100% Max $1000 4 Star Rating Visit Site
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Bet March Madness Online

March Madness is the more popular name of the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship, a single elimination tournament. And each year, real money sports betting on March Madness is multi-billion dollar pastime. Just in Las Vegas, brick-and-mortar casinos take in more than $100 million of March Madness wagers. And it is estimated that more than $3 billion is spent every year in sports bar and office bracket contests. Betting March Madness online means that you can place wagers on individual contests, as well as who you think will win the NCAA Championship Game. And you can do so from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, legally as a US citizen. Maybe you think this year will be the 19th time in history that a #14 seed has defeated a #3 seed. You can back up that belief by betting March Madness online at legally licensed USA online sports betting sites.

Bet NBA Playoffs Online

Including preseason games, the regular-season 82 game schedule and playoffs, the National Basketball Association offers between a 1,410 and 1,455 single-game wagering opportunities. When you add the fact that many of the top sportsbooks found online deliver live in-game betting opportunities, second quarter, halftime, third-quarter bets, special teasers and parlays, there are virtually a limitless number of gambling options if you love betting on the NBA. And if the playoffs is your thing, 16 teams each year qualify for a chance to win The NBA Championship. Battling through 4 rounds of "best of 7" action, anywhere between 60 and 105 NBA playoff games are held each season. When you bet NBA playoffs online at a real money sportsbook that accepts US players, there is plenty of round-ball action available.

Basketball Prop Bets

Will your favorite player grab more rebounds than the number of assists the leading NBA point guard tallies in tonight's game? That is a typical basketball prop bet. A prop bet simply means a "proposition". Typical NBA or NCAA prop bets allow you to bet on which team will score first, the first-half or second-half total or spread, or comparative wagers like the one we just discussed. This gives you the freedom to place wagers on the performance of individual players, instead of having to rely on the efforts of an entire team. Another type of prop bet is termed a futures event, which will take a look at next.

Betting Basketball Futures at Real Money USA Sports Betting Sites

Maybe you like the Los Angeles Lakers chances this year to make the playoffs. Or perhaps you think that a # 16 seed will finally beat a # 1 seed in this year's upcoming March Madness tournament. Thanks to basketball futures betting at real money USA sports betting sites, you can place wagers on what you think is going to happen weeks and even months ahead of a basketball contest or tournament. For instance, in the annual NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Tournament, better known as March Madness, there is an interesting betting opportunity going into the 2015 season. After a #2 seed beats a #15 seed and then faces a #10 team which upset a #7 squad, something odd happens. You would think that the heavily favored #2 team would win most of the time against that #10 team. But they have only managed to do so 58.1% of the time in the past. Betting basketball futures online allows you to place a wager on a #10 seeded team to advance to the round of 16 before the tournament ever begins.

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